How Competitive Energy Markets
 Can Affect Your Budget

Before you shop for electricity suppliers, it’s important to understand energy choice. This is the reason you can shop for an electricity supplier in the first place. It gives you the power to choose your supplier and, ultimately, how much you’ll end up paying for energy.

Energy choice affects over half of the country—some for electricity, some for natural gas, and some for both. These open markets benefit consumers by driving competition. When energy suppliers compete for your money, you win. The more you know about what they’re offering and why, the more you could possibly save in the long run.

A Brief History: Electricity
 and Natural Gas Suppliers

The United States has consistently ranked as one of the largest energy consumers per capita in the world. Naturally, supporting that type of use requires a large infrastructure of electrical wires and natural gas pipes. To make sure everyone received service, these systems were combined to form a national electricity and natural gas grid. A single utility provider was designated in each area on the grid, to make sure everyone had the power they needed. It worked, everyone had power, but the local utilities had a bit too much of it. As the sole distributors and suppliers, they were free to charge whatever they wanted for service.

You Can Choose Your Supplier

In the ‘90s, the deregulation of energy markets gave customers the power to choose. Introducing multiple suppliers broke up the monopolies and forced companies to compete for their customers through lower prices and special offers. If you live in a market where you can choose your supplier, shop around and take advantage of the competition.

You Have the Power to Choose

Live in a market with energy choice? Congratulations, you have the power to choose your energy supplier and the power to shop for the best competitive energy supply rates. Already have a supplier? Switching is easy. You don’t have to change your usage habits or buy new equipment for your home. No matter which supplier you choose, you’ll receive the same service, quality and delivery to your home. The only thing that will change is your new rates!

To get started, just enter your ZIP code above and search for the energy deals where you live. We give you the power to choose your results. Intuitive filter options enable you to sort by products and rates, terms and service, even by green energy options. The energy suppliers are competing for your dollar with everything they’ve got. We make all the offers, rates, plans and services easy to find and compare, so choose which one is best for you. When you find one you like, give us a call and sign up. It’s that easy.

Questions about your service?

If you have a question about your existing utility or service, please contact your energy company directly.