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In areas with energy choice, businesses can shop around for the best commercial electric and natural gas rates, just as residents have the power to choose their own supplier. Whether you're a business owner, manager or a financial decision maker, Electric.com makes it easy to shop energy suppliers for your company. All you need to do is enter a few details about your business to receive a quote on a new commercial energy supply rate.

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Why can't I see commercial
 energy supply rates right now?

In order to get the best commercial energy supply rates for your business, our experts need to know a little bit about your company. Unlike residential supply rates, commercial energy supply rates are flexible and open to negotiation. When you shop energy suppliers for your business with Electric.com, our team works directly with our featured suppliers to secure the best commercial supply rates for your company's needs.

Getting the right solution for your business' needs takes more than just entering your ZIP code. For example, we also ask for your average bill amount. This tells us whether you are a heavy or light energy consumer. To get your company the best commercial energy supply rates available, the information you provide about your company allows our staff to negotiate on your behalf.

Shop energy suppliers to maximize your bottom line

Just like any other business decision, when you shop for energy suppliers your goal should be to increase the profitability of your company. All commercial energy supply plans are not created equal, and if you're new to the market it's easy to get confused when you shop energy suppliers.

Whether you're looking for electricity supply rates for your business in Texas or natural gas supply plans for your company in New York, Electric.com can help you find a solution. All you have to do is fill out the form on this page to shop energy suppliers.

Electric.com offers natural gas plans too

While the Texas energy market is only open to electricity competition, Electric.com also operates in other deregulated markets, such as New York and Pennsylvania, where businesses can shop for both electricity and natural gas supply plans. Comparing supply rates on natural gas plans is just as easy as comparing electricity plans on Electric.com. All you have to do is submit the form on this page, and one of our experts will contact you shortly with a customized quote for your business.

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If you have a question about your existing utility or service, please contact your energy company directly.