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Electric.com connects you with the power - and prices - you need. From electricity to natural gas, we have all the energy answers in one place. With one simple search you can quickly find electricity providers in your neighborhood, compare electricity rates and scrutinize plan features to find the best deal on your home's energy supply. Just enter your ZIP code now to get started.

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To find electricity providers in your area, enter your ZIP code and click "Compare Offers." Looking for more information? Browse The Wire to learn more about how to compare electricity rates, find a natural gas plan and much more.

The easy way to find electricity providers

There's a reason malls and large shopping centers are popular during the holidays - shoppers can get everything they need in one place. Electric.com offers the same benefit, providing one convenient place for you to find electricity providers in your area. Instead of visiting multiple websites, writing down plans, rates and offers, just search here. We've done the work for you. Enter your ZIP and you'll find:

  • Detailed information about plans from top electricity providers in your area. Find contract lengths, green options, electricity rates and more.
  • Intuitive controls that let you filter your results. Compare electricity and natural gas providers on the factors that are most important to you.
  • Unique results for your ZIP code. We find electricity and natural gas providers that offer plans specifically for your area.

Shop commercial electric plans

If you own or operate a business in a deregulated area, you may have the opportunity to shop commercial electric plans too. It's important to note that Electric.com isn't able to show you commercial electric plans and rates directly. These plans are typically customized based on your business' size, energy needs and location. To shop commercial electric plans all you have to do is call now or request a free quote and we'll call you with our best electricity or natural gas offers.

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Learn more about Electric.com, the energy market, and the electricity rates available to you through our in-depth resource center. Ready to get started now? Enter your ZIP to get electricity rates in your area.

Who We Are: A simple way to compare electricity rates

Electric.com was created as a resource to help you compare electricity rates in your area. If you're looking to shop commercial electric plans or want to check out your residential options, you've come to the right place. We make energy savings easier by listing electricity providers and energy deals in one location so you can quickly compare electricity rates in your ZIP code. From electricity to green energy services, we find the options, you pick what's best. Whether you're looking for service for the first time or you're interested in switching electricity providers, we make shopping simple. Just enter your ZIP code and use our filtering tools to narrow your search.

Questions about your service? If you have a question about your existing utility or service, please contact your energy company directly.